SHABO joins the international elite of PDO wines

On December 26, 2012, in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the signing of important documents took place, thus initiating a new era of Ukrainian winemaking. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the products of SHABO were found worthy to be called the “Appellation of Controlled Origin wines” (PDO). Consequently, the first Appellation (PDO) appeared in Ukraine.

The National Institute of grape and wine “Magarach” and the national scientific center “Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking V.E. Tairova” in 2012, submitted to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy an Food of Ukraine and to the Ministry of Income and Fees such documents as the ‘regulations’ and ‘procedure’ of the quality control of grapes and grape wines of controlled appellations of origin. The work under these fundamental documents has been conducted since 2005 at the production base of the “Industrial Trading Company Shabo” Ltd.

As a result of multistage analysis of soils, the terrain, climate and microclimate conditions of the geographical area of Shabo, a detailed study of the agro technical condition of Shabo vineyards, the strict control of the receiving process and processing of the grapes, and the process of grape wine production itself – conclusions were made in regard to the compliance of TM SHABO wines with the PDO status of wines. The compliance was also confirmed by the Protocol of Central Tasting Commission of the Ministry of APPU, which included world-class professionals. The high rating given by the members of the tasting commission fully coincided with the opinion of the authoritative international experts, who in 2012, awarded the SHABO products medals of highest rank at the prestigious “International Wine Challenge” exhibition (London, United Kingdom), and at exhibitions in Italy and Germany.

Thus, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, namely the products of SHABO were found worthy to be called ‘wines of controlled appellation and origin’. And so, the first Appellation  d’origine  protégée appeared in Ukraine.

Throughout the entire world, the status of ‘PDO wines’ is awarded only to the best wines, production of which is done by companies located directly on site where the grapes grow, which is ensured by the sustainable source of raw materials and end products, the high quality of which has a five year consecutive validation.

Studies have shown that the SHABO admirers can be assured that the PDO wines retain all individual soil and climatic indicators of grape quality of the Shabo’s wine-growing zone and that the processing of the grapes and the bottling of the product meets the highest international standards.

Chairman of the board of company ‘Shabo’, Vazha Iukuridze, noted, “For the company Shabo – this is a momentous event, which would not have been possible without the long-term fundamental research of the “Magarach” and “Tairova” institutes, the support of the Department of SAT and the Ministry of APPU. We also recognize that the introduction of the ‘wine PDO’ status is a milestone for everyone who appreciates the gift of the grapevine, and for the entire winemaking community of Ukraine. From now on, Ukraine also has ‘PDO wines’. And this accomplishment puts Ukraine among the leading winemaking countries of the world.”