Production and trading wine company Shabo is vertically integrated wine-making holding with full production cycle, manufacturing all kinds of spirits based on grapes. Production capacities of the company are located in v. Shabo (Ukraine, Odessa region).

Great attention to each bunch of grapes on vineyards with area 1000 hа, compliance high quality standards make “Shabo” company the model of growing the best grapes on Ukrainian market: since the company’s foundation we have been carefully working over improvement of imported European grapes and over their adaptation to natural and climatic conditions of Shabo region. We also raise our own unique grape varieties which are ideal for our wine and brandy.

Each glass of wine and brandy “Shabo” is a result of the terroir (area and climatic conditions) analysis, selection of suitable grapes and long-term professional work involving international experts! Results of our professional work allow us to be proud of our products quality, and for you – to enjoy each drink of classical product based on grape.

It is interesting to know!

History of “Shabo” name: grapes were grown on the lands of Shabo territory (Dnestrovsky firth) more than 500 years ago, in the days of Turkish supremacy. The Turks named this district “Аshа-Аbаg”, that means «lower gardens» (the vineyards were called gardens, and lower because they are located below Akkerman). Swiss colonists who came on these lands in the beginning of twenties of XIX century under the order of emperor Alexander I, kept the name of settlement, but transformed it to “Schabаg” because of its difficult pronunciation, and then  they “frenchified” it having renamed in “Shabo. See more detailed information in section “History.