Exclusive collection Vaja Grand Cru

Exclusive collection of aged varietal and blended wines “Vaja Grand Cru”.
This is the wines of a high range, among them also are AOC wines (Appellation of controlled origin), which can be classified as Fine Wines.
The exclusive collection of aged varietal and blended wines TM “Vaja Grand Cru” is the embodiment of personal choice of the founder of “Shabo” company – Vaja Iukuridze. Each bottle has its own unique number, which does not repeat in the batch. The wine is made from the grapes of the French varieties Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and others, which are collected only from the outstanding micro-plots of the Shabo terroir. In 15 miutes grapes are delivered in a compact container by refrigerators to the department of micro-winemaking, which equipment is one of the best in Europe. After the double (for white wines) / triple (for red wines) sorting only the best grape berries of the same size and weight go through a process of delicate processing. Only free-run juice passes alcoholic fermentation in French oak barrels equipped with temperature control and aged from 9 to 12 months . The wine also goes further aging in the bottle. At all stages of production, quality control is provided by SARL international experts Derenoncourt (France).
The storage capacity of aging red wines is at least 5 years, while white wines – at least 3 years.
Thanks to the extraordinary skills of winemakers and modern equipment these wines retain flavor and aromatic properties of Shabo terroir’s grapes.