Exclusive sparkling wines Vaja Grand Cru

Exclusive collection of aged sparkling wines «Vaja Grand Cru»
The blending of wines was made in cooperation with the founder of “Shabo” company Vaja Iukuridze, this is his personal choice.
An exclusive collection of aged sparkling wines was created according to the classical champagne technology of champagnization in a bottle. For the production of sparkling wine Vaja Grand Cru grapes of true champagne varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are used. These vines planted in 2005 on the unique micro-plots with the best soil structure of Shabo.
Using ancient French method, blend of the best varieties of wines of different vintages (among them wines aged up to 3 months in oak barrels) was created and then it pass long process of champagne (aging) in a bottle for about 3 years.
The international experts of the Institut Oenologique De Champagne Institute (France, Champagne) introduce and control the ancient French technology.