Grande Reserve Shabo

Collection of limited still aged varietal and blended premium wines. These are high range wine, among them – and wine AOC (Appellation of controlled Origin ), which can be attributed to the category of the Fine Wines

During the season only a few thousand bottles of these wines produced. Each bottle has a unique number, which is not repeated in the batch. To create these premium wines mainly classic French grape variety and also unique autochthonous variety Telti-Kuruk are used. Grapes are harvested by hand from the best micro-sites Shabo terroir when the maximum level of maturity. Through the process of double or triple sorting only healthy and ripe berries fall on the processing and vinification in oak vats of French oak, fitted with automatic fermentation temperature control system. The wine is aged in French oak barrels (at least 9 months for white wines and 12 months – for red wines), as well as exposure takes place in the bottles.

Due to the unique terroir Shabo, the skill of winemakers and modern equipment the wines kept all the natural aroma and taste of the grapes. Subject to the rules governing the storage capacity of bottle aging white wines Grande Reserve Shabo not less than 3 years old, red – at least 5 years.

At all stages of the production quality control provided by international experts of the company SARL «Derenoncourt» (France).