Shabo Nouveau

A collection of nouveau still wines. Produced from grapes harvested on the best sites of Shabo terroir. Nouveau white and red wines are made using the maceration technology when the flavoring substance accumulation processes occur inside the whole grape fruit. Shabo Nouveau rose wine is produced only from red grape varieties by infusion of must on pulp under low temperature during just one night, and that’s why it is called the ‘one-night wine’. The wines are bottled in November of the same year by the international young wine festival, and as a result, the wine retains the full freshness and flavor of grape fruits.
Shabo Nouveau feature light, harmonious wines embodying the hot summer with its tastes and head-spinning aromas. High-tech equipment, modern technologies and professionalism of winemakers help preserve the taste and flavor of freshly-harvested grapes from Shabo terroir and its unique natural properties in Shabo Young wines. Every bottle is produced from 1.0 kg of excellent-quality grapes.