A collection of premium-class aged still wines. These are high-end classified wines

Only selected grapes from soil, are used in the production of these wines.  The load on a vine is strictly controlled and cannot exceed 1.6 kg of grapes per cluster. Grapes are harvested by hand at dawn, when the air temperature is relatively low, carefully placed in containers (up to 12 kg per container) and loaded into refrigerated trucks with the temperature between +8° and +10°С. Fifteen minutes later, the grapes are already at the elite wine department where they undergo double sorting in a sparking mode. After that are the vinification in high-tech French oak barrels with controlled fermentation temperature and aging for at least 9 months in French oak casks. Quality is controlled at all stages of production process by international experts from the French company Derenoncourt Consultants.


Shabo Reserve feature exquisite aged wines with characteristic features of terroir present in taste and flavor. They have balance structure, excellent roundness and lasting aftertaste. Every bottle is produced from 1.3 kg of selected grapes harvested in Shabo terroir.