Shabo Classic aged sparkling wine

Semisweet rose

Shabo Classic-perfectly balanced sparkling wines – with elegant taste, sophisticated aroma and a charming game in the glass. Each bottle contains 1.6 kg of grapes of the highest quality.
At all stages of production – from grapes to bottling of sparkling wine – control by French winemakers and champagne producers SARL Derenoncourt and Oenologique De Champagne.
Sparkling semisweet rose “SHABO CLASSIC” wine has a delicate pink color. The refined aroma, a gentle bouquet with shades of strawberries and red berries reveal the depth and freshness of taste.



volume 0.75 л l

t° serving

+8° to +10°

t° storage

+5° to +20°


Seafood, clams, black and red caviar, tender cheeses