Shabo Elite Ukrainian Brandy

Shabo Grande Reserve

Ordinary Ukrainian brandy five stars

The brandy spirit is produced from Aligote, Rkatsiteli and other white grape varieties. The brandy is made by blending six high-quality premium-class French, Spanish and Georgian spirits and more mature brandy spirits aged for up to 10 years.

The brandy has rich amber color with red gold shades. A harmonious combination of elite-grade brandy spirits helps fully reveal an unparalleled bouquet with the flavors of violet, vanilla, and chocolate. This beverage is distinguishable for an unforgettable, rich taste with exquisite honey notes and a soft, lasting aftertaste.



volume 0,5 l

t° serving

+18° to +20°

t° storage

+5° to +25°


best on its own, accompanied by a cigar. Fresh peaches will excellently emphasize the richness and fullness of this noble beverage