Wine Chardonnay Shabo Reserve is created according to the classical technology from white grapes of the French variety Chardonnay, which grows on the best soil composition micro-areas of the Shabo terroir. Chardonnay seedlings were purchased in Europe and planted in those micro-areas of the Shabo terroir, where the yield load on the vine is reduced to 1.8 kg and the level of polyphenolic maturity of the grapes is controlled. The grapes are harvested only by hand, and immediately after harvesting, within 15 minutes, boxes with bunches are delivered by refrigerators at a low temperature of + 8-10 ° C to the “Shabo Wine House”, the equipment of which is one of the best in Europe. The nobleness of the wine is given by aging for at least 6 months in oak barriques.



volume 0,75 l

t° serving

+8° to +12°

t° storage

+8° to +20°


fish, seafood, poultry dishes.