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Мускат білий і інші європейські сорти білого винограду, Light straw
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Sparkling wine SHABO Special Edition Muscatне semi-sweet white 0.75l.

Мускат білий і інші європейські сорти білого винограду, Light straw


Special Edition
199 uah
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Thin, elegant aroma with nutmeg notes, citrus, flower tones
Rounded, long with perfect balance between sweetness and freshness
Perfect combined
  • Fruit dessert
    Fruit dessert
  • Light dishes
    Light dishes
  • Hard cheeses
    Hard cheeses

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About product

Wine sparkling Shabo Special Edition

Collection of sparkling wines is created using Charmat Lungo technology. The global trend of elegant sparkling wines with Light-in-style Prosecco. This Sur Lie method provides additional exposure in acratophores on thin yeast sediment up to 6 months.

SHABO SPECIAL EDITION Wines are made from Teruar Shabo Terurau. Grape vines were purchased in Europe, taking into account the peculiarities of Shabo soil and planted in the best areas of teruar. For the sake of creating an exceptional quality product, the number of grapes on each vine is reduced to 2-3 kg. In 15 minutes, the harvest is delivered to production, which is one of the best in Europe in 15 minutes. Here the grapes pass a delicate manual sorting in several stages and processing.

The Shabo Special Edition collection was created at the Unique SHABO House of Wine House. Quality control is exercised by Sarl Denoncourt (France) and Institut Oenologique de Champagne (France, Champagne).
Charmat Lungo technology, as well as the classic method of champagne in a bottle, involves natural secondary fermentation. Only the role of the bottle is played by modern technological tanks - acratophores. Secondary fermentation is carried out from 14-18 days. Special elegance with sparkling wines is provided by an additional endurance of up to 6 months on thin yeast sediment (Sur Lie method). Technology involves the use of Expedition Liqueur of the highest quality in quantity that corresponds to the level of sweetness of sparkling wine.

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Мускат білий і інші європейські сорти білого винограду
0.75 l
Light straw
Serving temperature
+8 - +9 °С
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