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Promoting Wine Tourism

In order not only to preserve and to promote the history and winemaking traditions of this unique region, in 2009 we created SHABO Wine Culture Center, a true architectural treasure  which is fairly considered to be “the tourist magnet” of Odesa region. Thus, for more than 13 years, SHABO has been promoting wine tourism in our region and all over Ukraine.


In 2012, the wines of SHABO were the first and, for now, the only ones in Ukraine to acquire the status of Controlled Appellations of Origin (CDO), which is the closest equivalent of PDO.  

For several years, we have been working on obtaining the legal protection of the geographical indication (PGI) — Acha-Abag, as well as the legal protection of the designation of origin (PDO) —  Chabag, according to the ancient historical names of this region.

As of November 2021, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine reviewed and approved Chabag as the protected name of the place of origin, and Acha-Abag as the protected name of geographical indication. After completing the registration in Ukraine, we will initiate the registration in the EU. This step is very important for SHABO, and it will be just another reason for Ukrainians to be proud of their wines. 

Community support

Since the very beginning, SHABO has been actively involved in the community life and welfare of Shabo region. We provide the financing to improve the infrastructure of the settlement, to support district hospitals, children's preschool and school institutions, cultural and sports events, etc.  

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian aggression in Ukraine SHABO has been actively supporting the local community, territorial defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, helping the company employees, internal refugees and, generally, all Ukrainians who need help. We are constantly purchasing and distributing food, basic necessity products for civilians, as well as vehicles, bulletproof vests and other equipment for the army.


Together with fellow winemakers, we have organized the support program for the residents of Mykolaiv, the city in the South of Ukraine which has been suffering from russian shellings and missiles since the first days of the war. We deliver drinking water from our own artesian well, provide water tankers to the city authorities, etc.

Unique boiler house that works on grape vines

In 2011 SHABO, together with the Ukrainian manufacturer of boiler equipment, Kriger, initiated the creation of a unique boiler house which operates on grape vines. The innovative heating system was launched in 2014. At the moment, SHABO is the only winery in Ukraine that operates a boiler room where grape vines are used as fuel.

SHABO vineyards provide 1,200 tons of vines per season. This is enough to generate energy for all our production facilities and to heat tens of thousands of square meters of territory. This launch was part of the Promoting the implementation of agro biomass heating systems in rural regions of Europe project, supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The launch of our own boiler house was not only an ecological, but also an economically beneficial step for SHABO, allowing to reduce heating costs and dependence on fossil energy resources, as well as to create new jobs.  

Cartographic projects

SHABO is a member of the Supporting the development of the system of geographical indications in Ukraine project initiated by the EU, as well as the member of an important wine and gastronomic travel project, The Roads of Wine and Taste in Ukraine.

Amorim Cork

SHABO has launched a special program for the preservation and development of the unique Telti-Kuruk grape variety. This indigenous grape variety is considered a hallmark not only for SHABO, but also for the whole of Ukraine. It can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It has been identified on Ukrainian land more than 500 years ago, and, since the very foundation of the company, SHABO took the responsibility of preserving and multiplying it. Today, the company has the largest plantations of Telti-Kuruk — more than 40 hectares. And the oldest fertile vines are 50 years old! This is an exclusive grape variety that has not changed its organoleptic properties for hundreds of years, and it gives connoisseurs the opportunity to taste a special wine, which hasn’t been affected by phylloxera, a vine disease, which destroyed most vineyards in Europe in the 19th century.

Consumer choice

SHABO is proud to obtain the Consumer's Choice 2021 status, as well as many other national awards, such as the Country’s Choice 2020 etc. SHABO has been included in the Top-25 best employers of Ukraine 2020 rating. The company has been one of the largest taxpayers in the country's wine industry for about 10 years.

ISO Certificates

SHABO has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and a food safety management system in accordance with ISO 22000:2018.

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